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Established in 2014, A Collective is a Maltese based architecture studio, aspiring to form a collaborative of creative and passionate individuals.

The studio seeks to create spatial experiences which in turn mould fundamental architectural parameters such as space, proportions, light and materials. This is achieved by disregarding stylistic materiality and focusing on quality. The studio roots itself in contextual design, hoping to enrich the local architecture scene and enhance the quality of life of the end user.

A Collective strives to form a symbiosis with its clients, allowing for dialogue and clear development of a client’s brief in order to achieve a unique solution. The studio offers a vast range of services within the architectural and interior design sphere allowing each project to be followed through from architectural conception to interior detailing, finishing and furnishing.

The approach is purely architectural, concerned with the infiltration of natural light and its resulting play of shadows, shaping spaces through an eclectic palette inspired by honesty, purity and nature.